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Need Help? 
Refer a Friend?

Here are some resources to help yourself or help a friend. Find contact information below as well. 

Buyback Progam

The Buyback Program gives students an opportunity to exchange a vape device or nicotine product for a “quit kit.” This program allows students to surrender their device anonymously in a locked box placed in the Wellness Center on a given day. There will be no consequence for handing over any vape device or nicotine product, only a “quit kit!”


Jonathan Hirsch: 

Wellness-Spencer DeWoody:, 415-945-4790, Room 103G 

Redwood anonymous tip line: (415-945-3693).

Tobacco Quit Hotline: 1-800-QUIT-NOW

Text: DITCHVAPE to 88709



Keep yourself distracted; try these resources listed below

Fidget Toys

Fidget toys are a great resource to keep yourself distracted


Gum is another way to keep yourself distracted- it also tricks your brain

New Hobby

Take up a new hobby! A new hobby like exercise or learning a musical instrument can help keep you distracted!

Reach out

Reach out to friends, family, wellness, TUPE, or any trusted adult to seek help 

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